Installing OCRopus on Debian/Ubuntu

Make sure that you have the following packages installed.

#apt-get install subversion build-essential ftjam jam libpng12-dev libjpeg62-dev aspell libjpeg62 libtiff4-dev

All these packages are available in the standard repositories, and can be installed with apt-get

Download tesseract by using the following command

$svn co tesseract-ocr

Next install tesseract by issuing the following commands

$cd tesseract-ocr


$sudo make install

Next download and extract the OCRopus package and issue the following commands from the extracted folder



$jam install

Testing OCRopus

If you have been able to get along this far, you will find a directory named ocrocmd with a file with the same name inside the directory that you are currently in. cd into ocrocmd and issue the command

$./ocrocmd test.png > out.html


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