The book that is actually unsafe for children

Yet another writeup on the controversial textbook?? Yes and no.
Yes because it is related to the controversy, and no since i don’t want to go into the details of the textbook’s content.
What i would like to point out is the hypocrisy of a section of the Church in demanding the withdrawal of the textbook.

It was also read that textbooks were burnt in a few churches yesterday as a mark of protest. The most ridiculous thing to have happened.
‘Ridiculous’ because the fools who destroyed the books may not be aware that their children are being freely exposed to another book, that can very seriously poison their young minds. A book without any content rating, but has a lot of extreme vulgarity and violence, that probably wont be found anywhere else. I’m talking about The Bible. I repeat – The Bible.

It’s not that the Bible is entirely bad. Proverbs and Ecclesiastes by Solomon, the teachings of Jesus etc. are real Gems, but there is a lot of filth in it which makes it a right candidate to be kept out of the reach of children.

If you’re wondering – what filth? what vulgarity? it is a book considered ‘Holy’ by around 2 billion people all over the world…
To give you some idea about the x-rated stuff, i’ll just quote some examples….

1. Incest-Daughters with their Father
2. Incest -Son with his father’s concubine
3. Somebody ‘spilling his seed’ on the ground
4. Incest-A girl with her father-in-law
5. A very detailed explanation of what is to be done if the ‘seed of copulation’ is out
6. Incest-Somebody rapes his half sister
7. A mother who cooked her child and shared it with her friend
8. Eating own dung & piss
9. Breasts being pressed and the ‘teats of virginity’ being bruised

The list is huge..i’ve only touched the tip of the contains really, really nasty things. You can get a comprehensive list here.

What audacity? The idiots who burned the textbook have no problem with their kids reading all this bullshit, and they think that the textbook is worse. I don’t blame them for not reading the textbook, but as Christians, they should at least read the Bible, before they pass it on to their kids.

I admit that there are children’s versions of the Bible with lots of pictures and all, but unfortunately, they are very costly compared to the uncensored version. So most families are forced to be satisfied with the ‘Unholy’ version of the Holy Bible.

As Jesus himself pointed out in Matthew 7:3, it would be better if they focussed on the beam in their eyes before they ventured out to clean the speck in others’.


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The real fools

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God says the Bible (Psalms 14:1 & 53:1)…but recent study proves otherwise..

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