What if…

Another mail, this time from my younger brother…. I’m posting just the final part of my mail, along with my reply.

Plz read bible with an open mind and you may find many many positive things which aplly to our success in life… its better to die believing in God and find out He doesn’t exist than to live saying there’s no God and find out after death that there is one… then it w’d be too late…

god bless ya



I’ll just answer the last part of your mail now….


“its better to die believing in God and find out He doesn’t exist than to live saying there’s no God and find out after death that there is one… then it w’d be too late… “

I’d’ve loved to do that….but there is a problem….

Out of the thousands of options available, which god should i believe in?
Just as you find it absolutely valid and rational to believe in your god, there are millions of others who have great reasons to believe in their gods too…

And suppose i spend my entire life clinging to one particular god, only to find out after my death that the real god was the one of an aboriginal tribe in australia, what a terrible waste it would be…..

Also, it’d be really bad for me to follow christ, just because i was born in that community.

Stephen Roberts once said,

“I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”



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Why am I an Atheist?

This is a letter that i got from one of my younger sisters after she saw my profile in orkut. I don’t want to disclose her identity, but i’d like to share with you the mail and the rebuttal.

hello James chachen!! we did not get the date till now.


how do u do? i’ll tell u 1 truth chachen, i did’nt like to see that ‘Atheist’ word in your profile. please realize that there is a loving God. I experience His presence every moment. thus there is great peace. He is my guide and counsellor, when i get confused, He is my best friend in times of trouble. In whatever situation, He’s always the best person to approach. The most wonderful aspect is that He has provided me eternal life in heaven.

chachen, He loves you and He died for your sins. He suffered on the cross, He gave His last drop of blood to redeem you and to make you His son, so that you may have eternal life. How can you run away from His love?why don’t you give Him a chance to change your life? if u would He would do wonders in your life.

don’t you have a feeling that your life is empty and you lack something? even if you gain the whole world but lose your soul what is the use? if you surrender your life to Jesus He will fill up all the emptiness. there will be a meaning for your life and you will experience great peace no matter whatsoever happens around you. He is the only person in this world who has promised ” I will never leave you nor forsake you”. It is truly a great privilege to be His child.

please don’t wait for tomorrow. u don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. today, right now ask Jesus to forgive all your sins, to come into your life and to be the Lord of your life.


Thanks a lot for your mail.

I will agree with all (except one) that you have listed about the loving god, like
a) The presense of him that you feel,
b) The peace he gives you,
c) The friend and councellor he is to u and finally,
d) His approachability.

But you should explain 1 thing to me before that.
According to W.H.O reports, around 68lakh children below the age of 5 die every single year because of hunger. That is around 13 kids starve to death every minute.
Why the god who is so nice to you, being indifferent to these kids?
Why the god whom you claim as your best friend doesn’t bother about these dying children?
Remember i just mentioned the statistics about hunger deaths alone.
Why are these children being punished?
We talk volumes about the justice and kindness of the almighty. Is this his justice?
Tomorrow, if somebody comes and kills all the members of my family, sparing me, should i be thankful to him just because he has spared my life? Or should i be angry with him for killing my dear ones?

I have 3 choices before me,

Either i can turn a blind eye towards every thing that is happening outside me, just focus on my well being, and thank god for everything that he has given me.

Or i can be angry with god and curse him for killing my innocent brothers and sisters.

Or i can think that all this injustice is happening because of the absence of a loving god, and be an Atheist like what i am now.


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