Mapping the Repeat function to F4 key in OOCalc

People migrating to OOCalc after years of experince in MS Excel will notice that pressing the F4 key doesn’t give the desired it won’t repeat the previous action. Even though Ctrl+Shift+Y will do the job, they badly want the functionality to be remapped to the F4 key. Here’s how you do it.

Go to Tools->Customize and select Keyboard Shortcuts. Select the entry corresponding to the F4 key and make the necessary changes to the Category and Function entries as shown in the Figure. Now click on the Modify button and finally click OK. That’s it.

In older versions of OOCalc, (see fig above) the Keys field will be blank when you select the Edit category and the Repeat fucntion. But as soon as you click the Modify button, the Keys field will be filled with the entry F4. The rest is the same.


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Cool new feature in Gmail

Please excuse me if this one has been active for a long time…but i found it just now…

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Installing OCRopus on Debian/Ubuntu

Make sure that you have the following packages installed.

#apt-get install subversion build-essential ftjam jam libpng12-dev libjpeg62-dev aspell libjpeg62 libtiff4-dev

All these packages are available in the standard repositories, and can be installed with apt-get

Download tesseract by using the following command

$svn co tesseract-ocr

Next install tesseract by issuing the following commands

$cd tesseract-ocr


$sudo make install

Next download and extract the OCRopus package and issue the following commands from the extracted folder



$jam install

Testing OCRopus

If you have been able to get along this far, you will find a directory named ocrocmd with a file with the same name inside the directory that you are currently in. cd into ocrocmd and issue the command

$./ocrocmd test.png > out.html

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മനോരമയുടെ മുതലക്കണ്ണീര്

19th Jul 2008

19th Jul 200820th August 2008

20th August 2008

20th August 2008

The height of double standards and hypocrisy. See the first picture to see how manorama tried to play down the slaying of a school teacher by a bunch of hooligans from UDF. Have a look at their journalistic bastardity:

  • Make up two irrelevant headline and push it to the top if you want to play something down.
  • Try to twist facts and make the death appear as a natural one
  • Disable user comments column for this particular item. What is more interesting is that user comments is on for a casual remark by Veliyam.

Now on to the second screenshot. (I’m really sorry for that mother and other relatives of the child). But i’ve to say that manorama is happy that the kid has died, and that mother had to wait for some time. What a golden opportunity to tarnish the reputation of the left. Make it the top story on the site. Add the picture of the mother. Invite user comments. Add a remark by Lawrence to top all this up. But it’s just 2:20 pm now..we’ll have to wait and see what else will make manorama happy today.

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Religious group starves a small kid to death

A religious cult called Mind One has starved a toddler to death. The reason?? Not saying ‘amen’ after meals.

Read more about it here.

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Why Cuil Sucks…

Just searched for ‘Creating screencasts in debian’ on cuil. I don’t know how they managed to do it….none of the 58 links given had anything to do with the query. Out of the 58 results, 38 of them are references to a site called this cuil hype all a bubble?

Eventhough it was being displayed on the site that 107 results had been found, i could find only 58…but never mind …it’s far better than what google does….512 actual results instead of their claim of 222,000

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